The Novice

The Novice - Gavin R. DobsonThe Novice is the second of the quartet ¬†in which Geordie Kinloch survives the snake-pit of his first job at a London bank, tragedy in Mexico and a surreal encounter in New York. Each is a self-standing vignette in the life of a young man never afraid to take risks. Some work, some don’t, all enrich. ISBN 1-904440-95-9 ¬†Published by Librario, Aug 2007

Cover image of The Novice reproduced by kind permission, Alan Macdonald (c)

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Reader Comments:

“The Novice continues with more hilarious adventures of Geordie Kinloch as he pursues his way up the ladder of life.”

“I love this character and the way his full personality is explored through the medium of short stories.”

“Unexpectedly stands apart..with elements of the supernatural creeping into a number of the stories.”