The Price of Redemption

tpodcover_buy_pageThe author’s first novel describes an unfolding fraud as vast sums pass through the hands of unscrupulous financial executives. A US financial conglomerate teams up with a small London boutique to exploit time zone differences through illicit market timing trades. The story is enlivened by a transatlantic romance and a surprising denouement at a Michigan farmhouse. ISBN 978-1-906775-28-5 ¬†Published by Librario, Nov 2011

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Reader comments:

“The next cult read for the City of London and Wall Street?”

“Quite brilliantly crafted and engages the reader from the first page.”

“It reminds me of the first time I read a Robert Ludlum novel, but without the now tired format of international espionage. Brilliant!”

“Finally! A financial thriller that reads like the author actually knows what he’s talking about.”

“A remarkable mix of an educational book and a suspense thriller.”

“I’ve found it very difficult to put down, often reading until the light for my Kindle runs out of batteries.”