Tales of a Free Spirit

freespirit_buy_pageThe first of a quartet of short stories in which the youthful Geordie Kinloch gets embroiled in life’s predicaments. Each is a story in its own right, unconnected to the others. Set in England, the South of France, the USA and Scotland. Some are funny, some sad, all are keenly felt. ISBN 1-904440-66-5. ¬†Published by Librario, Nov 2005

Cover image reproduced by kind permission, Alan Macdonald (c)

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Reader Comments:

“A greatly entertaining and possibly somewhat provocative collection of excellently-written stories.”

“Some stories are sad, some embarrassing, some better than others, but the emotions at their heart are always true and recognizably familiar.”

“Of the ten stories, my favourites were The Posicle Man, The Contrarian (what a great ending) and The Big Smoke (quite simply hilarious.)