Bumblebees, Bulldogs & Beavers

Bumble Bee, Bulldogs & Beavers

Bedtime stories. Bumblebees, Bulldogs & Beavers is the third Children’s book by Gavin Dobson, with strong appeal to children aged from  3 to 9 years old. Beautifully illustrated by the late Bonny Kinloch, Bumblebees, Bulldogs & Beavers continues the theme of animals and how important it is to love, protect and respect them at all times. These stories have proved very popular with grandparents looking for a different angle for their grandchildren. They are fun and colourful, teaching children empathy for wildlife, whether bumblebees or beavers (in this book) or hippos and monkeys (in previous books), or through fanciful depictions of vegetables and errant pink clouds.  

The perfect book for children aged 3-9, who love nature. It helps children to see the world through animals’ eyes.

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