The Road to Givenchy

The Road to Givenchy

In the century after the First World War it has become easy to be unaware of the glow of optimism that pervaded Europe in 1914. Until late summer there were few hints of the titanic convulsions about to be unleashed on the world.

The Road to Givenchy explores the changing mood through the eyes of a young Scottish scholar, Harry Mackinnon, studying at the University of Louvain. Engrossed in medieval manuscripts, he is cocooned from current affairs, but his burgeoning friendships with Ernst, a Prussian aristocrat, and Sylvie, the daughter of his hostess, raise his awareness of events.

After Von Kluck’s invasion of Belgium and months of training, Harry’s denouement takes place in June 1915 on the battlefield of Givenchy, in Northern France.

The Road to Givenchy is a great read. The story rattles along with plenty of twists and turns….it has more than a little flavour of John Buchan about it.”       
Murdo Fraser, MSP

Very well-researched and moves right along…echoes of John Buchan & Somerset Maugham, as well as Evelyn Waugh.”      
Anne Barker

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